Avalanche Lake

Our staff and families hiked up to Avalanche Lake this weekend. We had a picnic afterwards at Lake McDonald.

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Just because


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It’s a girl!

We are happy to welcome to the family our little girl, Jessica Rose Dalen, born April 23, 2016.


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Merry Christmas 2015!


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Our staff and family finished the 12k Bloomsday in Spokane this year. Go Team Dalen Dental! image image

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Merry Christmas 2014!


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Athletes, wear your mouthguard!

Athletes, remember: mouthguards should be worn for any sport that has potential for a hit to the face. I’ve seen fractured teeth from basketball, hockey, snow skiing, water skiing, biking, baseball, and football. My son even got a tooth knocked out sledding (no, he wasn’t wearing  a mouthguard!).

A mouthguard can significantly reduce damage to teeth or prevent damage altogether. A simple boil and bite athletic guard from a sporting goods store is very effective, however if you want one that is more comfortable and custom-fit, we would be happy to make one for you.


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