We love kids!

At the Dalen Dental Clinic, we love kids!

Jenny and I have 7 children. As my wife always says, we might not be experts but we are experienced!

I feel like life as a dad has prepared me to know how to put my youngest patients at ease. I want their first dental experiences to be positive ones. I get to see them year after year, and it is rewarding to keep their teeth healthy and their smiles strong.

In this picture, I’m helping with our homemade slip n slide, and Bo is enjoying some summer fun.bo smiling

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Before and After

Before and after pictures of one of my recent patients.

This took a little over one hour–time well spent!

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Go Dogs!

The Dalen Dental Clinic has been a proud supporter of Bulldog Athletics since 1975. We love to support our student athletes. Do like my son Scotty does: come to the Dalen Dental Clinic for your custom mouth guard…and wear it! Protect that smile.scotty-mouthguard.jpg

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Be wise about wisdom teeth

The oldest and youngest of my wise guys– Ben and Bo.

Technically called “third molars.” wisdom teeth generally appear between ages 17-21. Do they have to be removed? Usually. The difficulty with keeping them–even if they come in straight and you have room for them–is keeping them clean. Also, if they come in crowding your other teeth, they can damage them. It’s important to get them checked to evaluate whether or not they need to be taken out.

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Just a reminder…

…Jessica and Bo and the American Dental Association want to remind you that children should see a dentIMG_0854ist by age one.

Keep those smiles bright with regular check-ups to prevent cavities and tooth decay. Healthy smiles are happy smiles!

At the Dalen Dental Clinic, we love kids. Childhood is an optimal time to teach them that dental appointments are a priority and can be fun, too.

Left untreated, tooth decay can cause children to have pain, infection, and trouble eating and learning. Let’s work together to keep those little teeth healthy!

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…a new hunting buddy! We are happy to welcome:

Bowen William Dalen

March 19, 2018 – 8 pounds 5 ounces

Feeling blessed.

bowen william

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Merry Christmas 2017!

Merry Christmas, from our family to yours.


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New technology for impressions


We are now able to use a 3M digital scanner rather than impression material for crowns and bridges. This is especially beneficial for those patients who have an active gag reflex. No more goo! And because it is digital, it expedites the process.

(Just a random picture of my little guy, Buddy, visiting me at work.)


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Halloween 2016

My daughter, Jessica, is the tooth fairy for Halloween. She says, “Don’t eat too much candy…but if you do, make sure you brush and floss!”


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Avalanche Lake

Our staff and families hiked up to Avalanche Lake this weekend. We had a picnic afterwards at Lake McDonald.

staff-avalanche-lake2 staff-lake-mcdonald

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